Jiffy’s background, with a little SoCal bashing thrown in

When we asked for more background on how such an adorable and generally well-behaved doggie like Jiffy ended up without a home, this is the email we got back from the fantastic folks at Dog Protective Services:

He came out of an animal shelter and was shuffled basically from rescue to rescue and we were contacted and asked if we would take him in. We agreed and told him we’d be his last stop until he found his forever home. A lot of rescues will save dogs from the shelter and then work on finding a rescue to place them and I believe that was the situation with him.

Diane, you’d be surprised how many folks email us and ask the same question and some with more force as they’re convinced that there is some home out there pining away for their dog. Unfortunately in Southern CA there are literally thousands of dogs like Jiffy who do not have a home and many unfortunately who do not make it out alive. There are so many foreclosures here and we are much more transient, throwaway community than Northern CA. It is one of the reasons we come up there to do adoptions. We know the value that homes place on dogs and we know that what someone may have “disposed of” here is not taken for granted there. Obviously we have some wonderful homes in Southern CA too and we love our fosters and adopters here but after 10 years of doing rescue I can’t help but wonder why we took so long to go up North….

I simply cannot imagine abandoning a pet; and I am truly baffled at the idea that someone could let go of Jiffy. But, I am awfully happy that he found us.

So, please, if you are thinking about getting a pet, consider a rescue. And if you do get or have a pet, remember that they depend on you to provide for them, protect them, and love them – take it seriously!

Obligatory cute Jiffy photo


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3 Responses to Jiffy’s background, with a little SoCal bashing thrown in

  1. Katie says:

    Awww, what a cute picture. Yeah, I’m similarly flabbergasted that someone would ever abandon my little Scout, who was found after three days of being left in a backyard after the family moved out. Yay for rescue dogs!

    • Chris Bourg says:

      He’s actually trying to convince a squirrel to come down out of the tree to play with him in that picture.
      And seriously — who could abandon Scout?? Or any pet? Unfathomable.

  2. naomi says:

    I found my Shindy Cat as an 8 month kitten abandoned in the woods where I was hiking. She was so cute and so loving and so playful … I will always be baffled.

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