Bull penis? Really?

Yummm ... bull dick

Yes, it turns out that Jiffy’s favorite chew treat is made from 100% bull penis.* Ewww. But then again, this is a dog who has nibbled on his own poop, and thinks the poop left by one of the dozen or so cats who live next door** makes a yummy treat.

Jiffy and his Bullystick

* I bet this post will get all kinds of awesome spam.
** Yes, we live next door to the original Crazy Cat Lady, and her 12 cats. I am sure they will be the topic of a future post.


About Chris Bourg

Director of Libraries at MIT. Sociologist and academic librarian interested in digital libraries, social media, future of libraries, LGBTQ rights, Giants baseball, Duke hoops, Stanford women's hoops. Blogging at http://chrisbourg.wordpress.com
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5 Responses to Bull penis? Really?

  1. K. says:

    Wow, I thought this was going to be a wholesome, family-friendly blog. I’m going to have to unsubscribe.

    P.S. Your dog is gay.

    • Chris Bourg says:

      Well, he does enjoy Bull Penis, and has mounted the neighbor’s male Corgi Mix several times. But he is young, and it may just be a phase he is going through. But if he is gay, we will do our best to accept and tolerate his alternate lifestyle. Is there a PFLAG for parents of gay dogs?

  2. Who needs awesome bull-penis spam when that Bully Sticks website you link to has such great material all by itself: first off, “Bully Sticks”? And “beef pizzles” and “pizzle sticks” and “steer stix”… oh, my!

    But wait, it gets better: they mean to tell me that folks who experience some “psychological barrier” to dogs chewing on bull penis are the same folks that call their dogs… “furbabies”? Hello, Herr Doktor!

    It is of course informative to learn from the site that “bull’s penis is usually 23-25 inches long,” and that, once its natural penile fluids are drained, “bully sticks are odor free” — not that your little poop-nibbler would mind a bit of odor now and again! But moms — moms sometimes have differing priorities.

    The analytical part of the site is good, too: “Crude protein: not less than 80%” I wonder what it is that makes the other 20% *not* crude?

    Finally, the inevitable warning: “Bully sticks last an incredibly long time.” My advice to Jiffy: If you experience a pizzle stick that lasts longer than 4 hours, seek immediate medical help.

  3. naomi says:

    I watched a David Attenborough episode about whales in which I believe the penis length was 9 feet. Or was it 18?

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