Awesome dog-sitters

We left Jiffy for the first time last week when we went to Connecticut for Thanksgiving. I’ve been away for a few days for work since we adopted him, but this was the first time we were both gone. He seems to be catching on to what the suitcase means:

I crawl in here and I get to go with you, right?

Frankly, we were a little worried about how he would do while we were away. But, we are very fortunate to have had two amazing dog-sitters to take care of him. We live in a duplex, and our upstairs neighbors offered to watch Jiffy for the first few days–which Jiffy loved, because these neighbors are the owners of Jiffy’s best friend Teddy. So Jiffy got to hang out in his own space during the day, and got to have several sleep-overs with his pal Teddy at night.
For the second half of the week, one of our dear friends (who calls herself Jiffy’s Auntie) came and stayed at our house with Jiffy. She took great care of Jiffy, and even knew that we were missing him so much that we needed a picture:

Undercover Jiffy

Jiffy was pretty darn happy when I got home, but I’m certain he was well cared for while we were away.

Oh, and the neighbors who took care of him for the first few days? They also left a delicious homemade pumpkin cheesecake for us in the refrigerator. How’s that for awesome?


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