Training with the Jiffster

I know it is hard to believe, but the J-Dog is not exactly perfect. He had some house-training set-backs while we were away (despite the best efforts of our Awesome Dogsitters). So we are working on potty-training, meaning we say things like “Go Potty” and “Good Go Potty” while out with him. It also means we have to use a baby gate to confine him to the kitchen and laundry room while we are at work. And because the little guy is an exceptional jumper, we got an extra sturdy and extra tall one.

JIffy in solitary confinement

We are also working with the amazing Cecilia of Canine Higher Learning on other issues — jumping on people, getting over excited by other dogs, dragging our shoes around the house, etc. Jiffy is brilliant, of course, so the training is going quickly and well. My favorite this week is “Down” — in 2 days he has mastered the art of lying down for a treat. Good doggie!

Waiting for treat for executing a perfect "Down!"

We are also starting Canine Middle School at A Dog’s Life next week. Apparently, the training is for us as well as for Jiffy, since he is excused from the first day of class.

Please feel free to share your dog-training success stories, as well as any particularly interesting training challenges.


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2 Responses to Training with the Jiffster

  1. James says:

    Down AUL down 😉

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