The Holidays with Jiffy

Jiffy with his stocking on Christmas morning

I’m having a very hard time getting back into work mode after being on vacation since December 15; so I may as well give in and blog. Jiffy loved having us home so much during the holidays, and did really well with guests. In fact, he won over my mom pretty quickly — which is pretty remarkable considering she is definitely a “cat-person” who generally does not much care for dogs. But, as she says, Jiffy clearly has a little bit of cat in his genetic make-up.
We are a little worried about how he will do this week, as he has to get used to being alone in the house again while we are at work. To be honest, I think we are both also worried how we will do being away from him all day! I know I certainly thought about bringing him in to the office with me – but he needs to get that “peeing on the carpet” thing under control before that’s a real possibility.
At any rate, the little guy really enjoyed the holidays and all the attention. He liked the presents too:

Jiffy opening his Christmas present


About Chris Bourg

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