Just roll with it baby

Day 1 with Jiffy:
We brought him home and introduced him to the backyard. He immediately pooped (Good Doggie!), and before I could get it completely picked up (I’m new at this, give me a break!), he started sniffing it, nibbling at it, and finally, rolling in it (Bad Doggie!).
After getting him all cleaned up, I immediately went to Google to learn why dogs roll in poop.
I decided that the answer I liked best came from Sarah’s Dogs: “The habit is basically done to mark territory.”
Having sufficiently marked the backyard as his, Jiffy hasn’t really repeated the poop-rolling behavior since then. It might help that we have also gotten significantly more efficient at poop-scooping.

Jiffy in his backyard


About Chris Bourg

Director of Libraries at MIT. Sociologist and academic librarian interested in digital libraries, social media, future of libraries, LGBTQ rights, Giants baseball, Duke hoops, Stanford women's hoops. Blogging at http://chrisbourg.wordpress.com
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